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Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (1985) is a Brazilian film directed by an Italian that I watched on a German DVD in perfectly-dubbed English that I purchased from Finland. It is about time for people to realize that this is truly a global economy, and end this regional coding nonsense.


The main purpose of the film, of course, is nudity, and the lovely Suzane Carvalho is topless for most of the film, and also shows bush and buns. Two unidentified models also show the three Bs, and some native women are also topless.
Although we do have some wildlife, a little gore, and one scene of cannibalism, this film is either a comedy or an adventure or both. A professor and his daughter are heading into the forbidden Dinosaur Valley, and paleontologist Michael Sopkiw convinces them to let him come too. Also on the plane are a testosterone driven but impotent Vietnam vet and his drunken wife, two models, and a photographer. The plane crashes, and several are killed instantly The jungle takes its toll on many of the others, including a lovely piranha attack, cannibals, alligators, and jewel poachers. The film includes one of the best camera angles I have ever seen for a foot to the nuts kick, shot from between the legs, with the target area just above frame. In another favorite scene, Sopkiw comes to the aide of a model being groped by a drunk, and two 7 foot muscle builders kick his ass with authority.
not available in region 1
The film is variously known as A Baixeda dos Dinosauros, Cannibal Ferox 2, Perdidos no Vale dos Dinossauros, Stranded in Dinosaur Valley, and Nudo e selvaggio. Also, the DVD I purchased was titled Amazonas. IMDB readers praise it as a genre effort, and admiring the charms of Carvalho. I agree on both counts, and was pleased with the quality of the DVD transfer.  

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