Devil in the Flesh II (2000) from Tuna

Devil in the Flesh II (2000), aka Teacher's Pet, is a Canadian-made sequel to a weak original thriller, and follows the normal sequel rules by leaving off where the last one stopped, leaving room for another sequel at the end, upping the nudity and gore/violence, and putting me to sleep.


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In this one, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe breaks out of a mental hospital, killing a nurse and her doctor, assumes the identity of a girl who picks her up on the road then dies, and starts college, with none other than her flame from the first film on the faculty. She basically seduces him, and does in anyone in her way. The professor, for his part, had my head moving like a ping pong match as he bounced between his pregnant girlfriend (Katherine Kendall ) and O'Keefe. O'Keefe is careful to not show any skin. Kendall shows breasts in a very tame sex scene, and an unknown woman shows breasts and buns in a totally gratuitous sex scene near the beginning.
 To me, a thriller should get your adrenaline going at least enough to keep you awake, and this one failed that test. Most of the plot is predictable, and the characters actions are not very realistic. Performances are ok, and the production values, other than F/X, were not bad.

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