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The Devil in Miss Jones: Part II (1982), often referred to as DMJ2, is a case of the sequel being even better than the original. As you may recall, DMJ was about a spinster who had one regret upon death -- her virginity. The film is mostly a sensitive sexual awakening film, with a decent plot for the genre, and a delicious ironic twist at the end. It was hugely popular and highly acclaimed, so a sequel was a cultural imperative. There was one problem to overcome. The sequel needed to be about Miss Jones, but Georgina Spelvin, from the neck up, was no longer prime fantasy material. 
The writers found the perfect solution. Have the devil, or Lucifer (Luci for short), send her back to earth for more lust, but using others bodies. The film opens with the closing of DMJ, and then we are taken to the main building of hell. Here is where the film surpasses any other hard core I have seen. We see Miss Jones (still Spelvin) getting head from Cyrano de Bergerac (look at the top images of Spelvin to see what I mean). As she nears orgasm, the "orgasm warning" sounds, and the "dickhead guards" (see the left top of each image) stop her. She is taken to a very debonair Satan, and seduces him. In a weak moment, he agrees to send her back to Earth for a lifetime of lust. 


hardcore sex film. see main commentary
He starts her in the body of a call girl, Jacqueline Lorians, but finds that he is insanely aroused by her, and very jealous. He decides to put her in a less lustful body, and chooses an Army private, Joanna Storm, only to have her invade the mens barracks showers, then seduce the captain. Next, he tries the body of a "TupperWorld" saleswoman, Anna Ventura. By this time, the Devil's Advocate has figured out that the boss is in love, and hell might be ripe for a takeover. He changes the TupperWorld samples into adult toys, and Miss Jones is off to the races again. In desperation, Luci tries her in a nun's body, but Saint Peter stops that foolishness, and demands she be put back into the call girl. Luci abdicates, and the two live happily ever after. 

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The physical comedy, sight gags, puns, and cerebral jokes are, for me, the highlight of this film. Every moment is stuffed with some gag. Ron Jeremy,  for instance, as a dickhead guard, tries to suck himself off in a very brief scene. Cleopatra asks Marie Antoinette for head, but Marie declines. "The last time I gave head to someone, they didn't return it." Not only is it a very good comedy, but it is good couples fare, as the Jones character is an assertive woman who demands and gets her pleasure, and initiates most of the sex. The film is shot with a minimum of monster shots and with faces visible most of the time. Director Henri Pachard is credited with 293 adult films, and this may well be his best. 

If you are going to watch only one classic hard core with your significant other, this would be a very good choice. While the hard core elements are  there, it is almost more comedy than adult entertainment, and the brevity of the sex scenes keeps them from becoming boring. The DVD transfer is not bad, and this was obviously mastered from a decent print.  

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Based on this description, this film is a C+. (In the world of classic hard core, this is one of the best). 

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