Deviant Obsession (2002) from Tuna

Deviant Obsession is a Skinemax effort now available on DVD. It stars Brick Randall in her second role. Her first, Scarlet Countess from 2001, is rated 1.5 at IMDB, and this effort scores 2.6. At this rate of improvement, look for a watchable film from her on DVD in 2007. 

Brick, as the film opens, is a lawyer representing the female half of a divorce, and is in the opposing counsel's office presenting a video of the husband cheating. One of the partners in the opposing firm follows her to her car and tries to get a lunch date with her, but she declines. Cut to her in bed with the other partner until they are interrupted by a call from his wife. He goes home to find the wife in possession of incriminating pictures of him with Brick. He leaves, calls Brick, who chooses not to answer the phone, then his partner, who also doesn't answer. He leaves a message on his partner's machine, telling him that he will be in a strip bar, and would like some company for a drink.


  • Venus shows breasts and buns
  • Hard core star Lauren Montgomery shows breasts
  • Brick Randall shows everything, although her wisp of bush is only briefly visible
  • One stripper shows everything
  • Another keeps her g-string on.

Someone phones a woman in the strip bar and talks about him, after which the woman goes over and seduces him, but on the condition that they don't learn each others names. He wakes up in the morning in a motel, and goes home to find that his wife has been murdered, and he is the primary suspect. When nobody will corroborate his alibi, he is charged with murder.

STOP!!! Lets play detective at this point. He is a hot shot lawyer, and so is supposedly bright, right? Someone has clearly framed him for murder, and the woman who picked him up at the strip club had to be part of the plan, but she was a stranger, and had to be taking directions from someone. Clearly only one person knew he would be at the strip club -- his partner.

Ok, we just solved this thriller, or suspense yarn, or whatever it is meant to be, so we can sit back and watch the bouncing boobies. Brick goes to work undercover in the strip club as a stripper. She does overhear one of the strippers and the bar manager saying incriminating things, after the woman (hard core star Venus) demonstrates a lapdance on her. Then, both of those people die in an auto accident. Then Brick seduces the motel night manager, but he is shot shortly after her visit.

Finally, the second partner does an entire confession to Brick just before he intends to kill her, like any of us needed the help figuring it out.

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bare bones, full screen

Lots of acceptable looking naked women doing simulated sex fulfills the minimum requirements for a soft core. The plot attempt, however, is pathetic.

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  • General USA consensus: two and a half stars. Ebert 2.5/4, Berardinelli 2.5/4.

  • General UK consensus: two stars. Mail 4/10, Telegraph 4/10, Independent 4/10, Guardian 2/10, Times 6/10, Sun 5/10, Express 6/10, BBC 3/5

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  • Box Office Mojo. It was budgeted at $47 million for production, and the distribution/advertising costs are estimated around $30 million. It did nine million in its first five days, in 2400 theaters. (On the average, the studios get about 55% of box office receipts, the theater owners 45%.)


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Based on this description, this is a C-. Minimally acceptable softcore.

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