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Desideria: La vita interiore (Desire: the interior life) is an Italian drama.

Desideria (Lara Wendel) has an eating disorder -- if it doesn't run away, she eats it. Her mother (Stefania Sandrelli) is ashamed of her daughter's size, and the daughter is obviously not a happy girl.

One night, on the way to raid the fridge, Desideria discovers her mother in the living room in a three-way. Her mother berates her and shoves a cake in her face. The distraught girl attempts suicide. With institutionalization and therapy, she loses the weight and seems to have found some self respect. She emerges from the hospital a beautiful lady, but we soon learn that she is still deeply disturbed and bent on revenge against all of the people she feels have wronged her.

If you are a Lara Wendel fan, you will need this one, but this title is of interest ONLY because of Wendel's rare nudity. It's in German with no subtitles and even if you speak German, the video quality will put you off, and the transfer is very dark

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D+ or lower

D+ if you speak German, even lower if you do not.


  • Lara Wendel shows everything.
  • Stefania Sandrelli is seen naked in a three-way sex scene, but her body is turned to hide any exposure.


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4.5 IMDB summary (of 10)

Desideria (1980)

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