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The Delivery (1999) is a Dutch thriller, and, at least for me, a very good one. It is directed by Roel Reiné, and stars an international cast, including Aurélie Meriel, who plays a lead, and provides the exposure in a pond bathing scene. She also has sex in dark and grainy sex scene.
Several people seem to compare this film to Run, Lola, Run, and claim it doesn't compare well. True, Aurélie wears an orange wig the first five minutes of the film, a spouse is in danger, and there is a deadline to be met, but calling this a rip-off of Run, Lola, Run is like saying Eat at the Blue Fox is a rip-off of The Greatest Story Ever told because they both have donkeys. I don't remember a VW falling off an overpass in front of Lola, I don't remember Lola stealing car after car and covering several countries, or getting naked.


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A married couple and his best friend are in serious debt to some loan sharks. She has an old college friend who once told her that she could earn 10 grand by making a delivery for him. The delivery, of course, is illegal drugs. The old friend has a few last minute wrinkles. First, he wants them to follow his routes, and to be at pay-phone checkpoints at prescribed times, and second, he wants one of the three to stay as a hostage. The wife is the one to stay, so our two heros start off from Amsterdam to Spain with a back seat full of $34 million worth of ecstasy. They are barely out of site when a VW falls off an overpass in front of them, nearly hitting them. Out jumps Aurélie, who convinces them to take her and her seriously injured companion to get help.

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Getting help, however, is just a ruse. She really wants to stop a political assassination that a group she was a member of is planning. They arrive too late, the boyfriend dies of his injuries, and Aurélie and our two heroes are now the targets of Interpol, the radicals, and God knows who else. This film has wit, energy, pace, acting, beautiful scenery, and got my pulse rate up more than once.

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