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Deathsport (1978) is a Roger Corman film directed by Alan Arkush, who found his niche directing for TV. It stars David Carradine and former bunnyperson Claudia Jennings as "Range Guides."

It is the distant future, and most of civilization has been destroyed. Some live in cities, and have some remaining machinery. Outside the cities, there are mutants, and range guides. The range guides live by sacred traditions, and have much wisdom and even more fighting and survival skills. The leader of a town wants to convince his constituents to begin a war with another town, and decides to capture some Range Guides, and kill them in the arena during deathsport to show the superiority of his new Death Machines, which are tricked out dirt bikes. The good guys get away, and kick bad guy ass.


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Yes, the story is every bit as lame as it sounds. There is a lot of exposure (all three Bs) from Jennings, which is welcome, especially as her career was cut short by a fatal auto accident. A one-time wonder, Valerie Rae Clark, also shows all three Bs.  While there is good exposure, all of it is in bad light. The scene with Jennings strapped to the table is shot with a lime jello colored strobe, for instance.

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Based on this description, this is a D, not even a good genre effort.

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