Deathbed (2002) from Tuna

Deathbed (2002 video), or "Death Bed", if I believe the box, is not a bad horror film.

A young couple rents the upper floor of a converted warehouse. She discovers a metal frame bed in a locked room, and the two of them start having odd nightmares and hallucinations. Seems the room was the scene of several unsolved murders, and the ghosts are pissed, and bent on revenge. I will stop there on the plot, as many of you might want to rent this one.


Tanya Dempsey as the wife shows great buns wearing a thong, and a down-shirt that shows a nipple. Meagan Mangum as the ghost has lovely breast exposure during one of the hallucinations.

DVD info from Amazon.

  • widescreen anamorphic 1.85:1, solid quality

  • surprisingly, it comes with a commentary track!

  • pretty good DVD for a minor film - it even includes another full-length film, 1995's Castle Freak

It gets a little muddled near the end, but it held my interest, and the ending came as a surprise. The gore was very light for a horror film.

Scoop says:

I agree. It isn't bad. It has a creepy atmosphere, and isn't a bad ghost story for a low budget film. It relies more on mystery and psychology than special effects.

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Based on this description, from a C (Scoop) to C+ (Tuna). Not a bad genre film at all. Don't run out and rent it, but if it comes on, leave it on.

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