by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

I don't know if I've ever seen anything quite like this film. First, imagine remaking Body Heat with no money. Then replace Bill Hurt with a good looking guy with a flippant juvenile delivery, like Potsie. Then replace Kathleen Turner with ... well, I guess with Ingrid Boulting, the actual star, since I don't know anybody else like her, with her plummy Sudafrikan accent, her wooden delivery, her moon-shaped face, her complete lack of acting talent, and her constant chain-smoking. Boulting smokes so much in this movie that she actually has a cigarette dangling from her lips, Bogart-style, when she talks and even when she shoots a gun with two hands.

So imagine a film which approaches a soft-core level of sex, starring a chain-smoking Boer, and co-starring Potsie as her lover. There you have a vision of Deadly Passion. TV Guide calls it the first adult film from South Africa. A wag at IMDb called it "Body Heat with the bodies, but without the heat".

The same, beautiful Ingrid Boulting is the reason I watched this ersatz softcore turkey in the first place. Earlier this week I watched the noble failure, The Last Tycoon. I discovered that Miss Boulting made her screen debut in Tycoon, then made only one subsequent film, many years later. This is it.

Ingrid was not the only one who closed her career with this film. Director Larry Larson called this his first and last film. Three of the first four people listed in the cast never worked again.

The Deadly Passion curse.

This film is not available on home media
Of course, Deadly Passion is the best Coburn movie. Unfortunately, it is Harrison Coburn (right), James's son.

By the way, he always holds his neck at an odd angle like that. He must have watched too many episodes of TV's Batman.


Ingrid Boulting showed her breasts in several scenes, and there is a long distance shot of her buns in a skinny-dipping scene.

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  • no reviews online, other than TV Guide (linked above). They generously awarded 2 stars out of 5.

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  • IMDB summary. IMDb voters score it 4.0/10. I'm amazed and impressed that anyone has seen it at all!
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Based on this description, this is a D. It has some engaging sincerity to it, but is not really a movie of professional quality. If Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney and the gang had said, "Gee, Jim's dad has a barn we can use, let's put on an erotic show", this would have been it.

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