Dangerous Prey


by Tuna

Dangerous Prey is a lesser offering from Lloyd Simandl, the master of Czechsploitation.

Shannon Whirry stars as a stunt woman staying in Europe. When her boyfriend is rousted by the police for terrorism, Shannon is also arrested and convicted of something or other. On her way to prison, a secret group springs her, takes her to their laboratory, and starts training her to be an assassin, for which she was both the aptitude and the attitude. Shannon and her new partner (Kiara Hunter) are given lethal remote-controlled implants to control them, and are led to believe that once they perform a successful mission, they are free. Shannon figures out quickly that nobody has ever gone free.

There is a reasonably hot sex scene with Whirry at the start, but the assassination scenes are not exploited, and there is too much time spent chasing around through the usual familiar corridors of Simandl's studio. Fans of Shannon Whirry, Kiara Hunter and Lloyd Simandl may want it in their collections, but even they will be hard-pressed to find much to enjoy, and the film is not recommended to others outside those groups.


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  • Full frontal and rear nudity from Shannon Whirry, Daniela Krhutova, Beatrice de Borg and an unknown.
  • Kiara Hunter shows breasts and buns.


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3.8 IMDB summary (of 10)


Dangerous Prey

It has never been released in the US on DVD, but is available from RLDVDs.com on a Region 0 Dutch release in English with Dutch subtitles. Click on the picture for details.