Dangerous Passions


by Tuna

Dangerous Passions is an erotic whodunit.

A music producer has been found dead of an apparent suicide. He has a bullet in his head, powder burns on his hand, and there is a suicide note as well. Detective Randy Spears suspects foul play, and as his suspicions increase, so does the number of suspects. Meanwhile, his reporter girlfriend is reporting leaked facts in the case, and people suspect he is feeding her information, which causes tension between them. We have the grieving widow, who has sex with her female tennis coach and confides that the two hadn't been getting along too well, a secretary, a coin dealer who is after a rare coin that he thinks the deceased owns, and a former singing sensation, played by Dick Smothers Jr., son of Dick Smothers, who was seen entering the building at the time of the murder, and had a fight with the deceased.

Our Grade:

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This film has plenty of sex and nudity, a pretty good plot, girl/girl, and the famous son of a celebrity using his real name in a porno.


  • Wendy Rice as the detectives girlfriend and Jezabelle Bond as the secretary do full frontal and rear nudity.

  • Julia Kruis as the widow and Nikita Cash as her tennis coach do shaved full frontal and rear.


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Made for cable.



4.5 IMDB summary (of 10)

Dangerous Passions

Dual region (1&4)