Dance With Death (1991) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

"Sure," I thought, "I can sit through one more adaptation of Strindberg's greatest play. Haven't thought about it in years."

Sure, Martin Mull seemed to be a little miscast as the bitter, fierce, overbearing captain, but I figured there was no sense in trying to copy Olivier's brilliant interpretation in the 1969 film, so the director must be trying to put a completely different and more contemporary spin on the classical portrayal of a dead, loveless marriage.

And then I realized I was thinking of "Dance OF Death," as opposed to this film, "Dance WITH Death." This movie, as it turns out, is yet another one of those films in which a serial killer is gradually eliminating our precious national stripper reserve until a brave female cop or reporter - a reporter in this case - goes undercover to rip the lid off the scandal and her own wardrobe.

So what makes this film any different from the scores of others with the same plot not written by Strindberg?

  • Well, it has Martin Mull in it.
  • And it offers a chance to see a young, chubby Lisa Kudrow as she looked a few years before "Friends." (Right)

Apart from that, it is one of those plots where the scriptwriter tries to make it look like every single character, male and female, could be the killer. In fact, it goes so far as to mis-identify not one but two guys, and makes those characters go down in a flurry of police bullets before the real baddie is unmasked!

Oh, well. I guess you wouldn't be watching a serial stripper murder movie for the plot, would you?

The nudity description is found below.



  • Bare bones. No widescreen, no features.


There is no lower body nudity in this movie, although all the strippers are seen in thongs. The following woman showed their breasts:
  • Barbara Alyn Woods
  • Catya Sassoon
  • Alretha Baker
  • Tracey Burch
  • Jill Pierce
  • one unknown

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Based on this description, it's a D. It fails as an erotic movie because it delivers only breasts, almost all artificial ones, and the photography and/or DVD transfer are poor to mediocre. It fails as a thriller/slasher movie because - well, because the plot and acting suck. What can ya say? It would be watchable if you are a fan of Barbara Alyn Woods, who is quite charming and sexy in the lead, and does several stripteases.

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