Cuestión de suerte (1998) from Tuna

Cuestión de suerte (1996) ( A Matter of Luck) is a typical thriller, and could take place anywhere, and in any language. The fact that it was filmed on the Basque seacoast added some very nice scenics to a pretty good thriller.


Leire Berrocal is very naked in an extended sex scene early in the film, including pubic hair.
Eduardo Noriega has just lost his inheritance which he invested in a fish packing plant. He is engaged to Leire Berrocal, who is wealthy, and has been his girlfriend forever, but is not entirely certain he wants marriage. He spots a car which has run off the side of the road. He finds the driver dead, and a fortune in jewels on the seat. At this point, he makes the first unethical move of his life -- he takes the jewels and pushes the car farther down the cliff.

He rents a room from "the French woman" (Anna Galiena), who is the most disreputable person in town, known to have been in jail, and rumored to have killed her husband. She also serves as masturbation fantasy material for all the young men in town. She soon discovers the jewels, and Galiena and Noriega end up sharing a bed, and a scheme to fence the jewels.
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As a thriller, it is as good as any, and relies more on character development and plot line than action, which I find appealing. This, together with the great nudity and beautiful location, make it rise above the genre. 

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Based on this description, this film is a B-. Even if you are not a thriller fan, you might like this one.

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