Cruel Intentions 2 (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

This movie is not a sequel to Cruel Intentions, but a prequel, showing what happened to the step-siblings before the point where the original film begins.
In fact, this movie is not really even a movie, but footage from a TV series that never materialized, which was to have been called Manchester Prep. It was actually written and directed by the same guy who scripted Cruel Intentions.

When the series fell through, he knew that the footage from the TV episodes wouldn't be edgy enough for a film, so he hired the actors back, and shot a few extra scenes and dubbed in some rougher language.


Two lookalike sisters take a shower - Annie Sorell and Alicia Sorell. Quite a long scene, but above-the-waist only.
The Annette character's name was changed to Danielle, and all references to her had to be post-dubbed.

If you've seen both Valmont and Dangerous Liaisons, I can tell you that this movie is to Valmont as Cruel Intentions is to Dangerous Liaisons, which is to say that CI2 is sexier, dumber, and more lighthearted than CI, with a Valmont who is more of a loveable rascal than a bored and malevolent aristocrat. In fact, Valmont in this movie is actually trying to be a good person, although not always happily. ("I can't believe I'm taking a virgin out to see a James Vanderboek movie. God, how did I become a pussy")

Both DL and CI focus on the power struggle and the mind-games. Both Valmont and CI2 focus on the sex.

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  • two-sided DVD. One half has the anamorphc widescreen 1.85 version, the other half has the fullscreen version

Anyway, it's pretty much what you expect. A lot of the situations, and even a lot of the lines, come directly from the first film, which is to be expected given the circumstances (TV version of the film, same writer). It's a junk movie with silly stereotyped characters, and I'm pretty sure the TV series was intended to be a sitcom, not a drama.

It's moderately watchable - understanding, once again, that it's just a racy sitcom - and I did laugh now and then, especially when they made fun of Dawson's Creek. The Valmont character is much more likeable in this film than he is in the other - he's not evil, but mischievous and horny - he's basically Otter from Animal House. The introduction of a more likeable character gave the movie a certain approachable quality absent in the aloof original.

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Based on this description, this film is a C-. It's a lukewarm comedy with some of the original spirit of "Valmont"

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