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CrissCross (1992) is now on DVD. The good news is that it features Goldie Hawn, but the bad news is that it is a serious role rather than a comedy, and is my least favorite of her films. She is the mother of a 12 year old living in the Florida Keys. Her ex husband was a Naval Aviator who lost it in Nam when he accidently bombed a children's hospital, and is now caretaker at a monastery. She waitresses by day, and tends bar at night to make ends meet, and jumps at the chance to strip rather than tend bar because of the extra money.


Goldie is seen in her strip act in a g-string and pasties. The pasties are fairly large, but the g-string shows her buns completely.

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Her son does many jobs, such as paper route, pool cleaning, and picks up fish from a shrimper in his motorboat and delivers them to a restaurant. It is this last job that sets the plot in motion. After discovering that his mom is stripping, he also discovers that one of the fish in his delivery is full of cocaine, and concocts a plan to sell it so his mother won't have to strip. Naturally, he approaches the two hippest guys on the beach for the sale, and they turn out to be narcs.

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  • It was barely released, grossing three million dollars.
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Based on this description, this is a C-. There was nothing wrong with Goldie's performance, but I feel her time is much better spent doing comedy, and the film is rather predictable.

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