Creepshow 2 (1987) from Tuna

Creepshow 2  is a sequel to the comic book horror spoof that most think would have been better unmade. Some who commented at IMDb think it is so bad it is good. It is a collection of three shorts, spliced together with animation. The stories are based on Stephen King tales (he makes a cameo appearance). 
The first has no exposure, and is the story of a wooden indian who comes alive to revenge the murders of the store keeper (Creepshow 2) and his wife.  


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The second is about two college couples who swim out to a raft in the middle of a lake long after the lake was closed for the season. The four
are eaten by a very hungry blob in the water. Jeremy Green shows his breasts when one of the boys decides to play with them. 

The last story features breast exposure from Lois Chiles as she gets out of bed with a gigolo, and rushes home to her husband. Along the way, she hits a hitchhiker, who just won't stay dead. 

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Based on this description, I have some sympathy for the "so bad it's good" theory, and will award a full C, partly because I enjoyed the animation.

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