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Crack House (1989) is a story of drugs and gang warfare between a group of blacks and a group of Chicanos. It centers on a young man who has left the gang to be with his 18 year old girlfriend, Cheryl Kay. She is a senior in a rough High School, and lives with her drunken single mother. When the rival gang kills her boyfriend's cousin, he leads a revenge raid, and is arrested for about 7,000 felonies. The police want to cut a deal with him in exchange for help breaking up a crack ring, but he would never squeal to the police, at least until he discovers that someone turned his girl into a crack whore, then gave her to the head dealer for partial payment of a debt.

Things I learned from this film.

1) Drugs suck (I never dreamed).
2) Gang bangers are not good life insurance risks.
3) Coke whores will do anything for a fix.
4) People do nasty things to coke whores.
5) Blacks and Chicanos are not necessarily best friends.
6) Narcs have really cool tanks to assist in busts.

I think it was meant to be hard hitting, and may have been in 1989, but when viewed with today's eyes it oscillates between boring and unpleasant to watch.

The cast did include Jim Brown and Richard Roundtree.

The nudity is more of a story than the film. After the first few dreary minutes, I fast-forwarded looking for nudity, not wanting to sit through the film if there wasn't any. There was a shower scene, where I  saw the breasts of Kay's character, but not her head of Kay's character. It was cut sloppily between breast and head shots, and in one frame I saw part of a white bra. Obvious double, right?

Then a minor character, played by Heidi Thomas, showed breasts and buns as a crack whore who ODs. Since I had to write the nudity report, I decided to watch the whole thing.

It was then I discovered another topless scene with Kay's character that showed much of her face. The DVD also had a full negative 4/3 aspect ratio version for further investigation. In the full frame version, we can see a partial face with breasts in the shower scene, but even more frames showing the white bra at the end of the scene. However, we now see the entire face, and in lighter frames of the other nude scene. The breasts, body and partial face look enough alike that I don't think a double was used, especially given that she shows the same breasts in the other scene

... but I still can't explain the white bra at the end.

Scoop's note. The following is not on the DVD version:

According to Bad Movie Planet, "Crack House is preceded by a special announcement with co-star Richard Roundtree, at least on the copy of the movie I rented manufactured by Cannon Video, Richard Roundtree walks into the screening room at Cannon Studios and cautions the audience about the dangers of drugs, especially crack. He tells us that if we or anyone we know are addicted to crack, 'check your local community resources.'"



  • No features except the original theatrical trailer
  • the transfer is not anamorphically enhanced, and is not especially vivid



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