Conundrum (1996) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Also known as Frame by Frame.

Conundrum is a made-for-cable cop procedural that turns out to be a much better movie than you first expect. You are led to believe that the basic storyline is going to consist of a battle between the stereotypical man and woman buddy cops and an assortment of corrupt officials and Asian gangsters. Just below the surface is a cute little flirtation between the partners. Even though he's married and about to be a father for the first time, she's got a crush on him. He doesn't seem to notice and she, for her part, keeps it under wraps because he and his wife seem to be deliriously happy. 

If this were an episode of Hunter, that would all play out predictably, and that's what I expected, but the film takes a dramatic twist. His pregnant wife is murdered.

After the murder, with both of them in emotional states, the partner cops end up in bed together, and everything gets very, very complicated. In fact, that is merely the beginning of the complications. She eventually discovers that he was not capable of having children, and that therefore his wife was pregnant by another man. Worse still, she finds that two other recent murder victims were the (1) wife's lover,  and (2) the hitman who killed them both.

She must entertain the thought that her long-trusted partner, the gentle guy who is also her girlish crush turned lover, is a brutal multiple murderer. If that turns out to be true, and if he figures out that she knows, she could find herself as the next target. Or maybe she's just being paranoid ...


  • There is no Region 1 DVD
  • There is no English-language or English-subtitled DVD of any kind
  • There is a Region 2 DVD, but the only soundtrack consists of dubbed
    German, and there are no English subtitles.



Marg Helgenberger shows the entire front side of her body in the bathtub, in good light, although one hand is in her lap, covering most of her pubic hair. She later exposes her breasts in a sex scene.

Michael Biehn shows his bum in the sex scene.

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Based on this description, it's a C. Much better than expected. It is on very familiar turf and lacks production values, but the interesting plot twists, some dramatic tension, and a surprising ending kept me focused all the way.

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