by Tuna

The black son of a white mother had been on the fast track to riches and fame in a computer company when a venture capitalist screwed him and forced him out of the company. After years of travel, he returns to New York. When he discovers that his mother was laid off without benefits essentially for not sleeping with her boss, he gets an idea. He puts up a surveillance camera, and tapes the boss screwing his secretary on his office desk, after leading her to believe that this was her path to a bonus.

He then places the film on the Internet. The idea works so well that he decides it might be a good way to right a lot of social wrongs. A female graduate student agrees, makes him the subject of her thesis, and takes an active part in running the project, suggesting a section where viewers can upload their own similarly-themed videos.

The establishment, naturally, is less than thrilled, and when one of the targets finally recognizes him, the feds are on his tail.

Confess is a small budget film that works, for several reasons. It has a unique idea, a tight script which won a screenplay award, and a very good cast (Eugene Byrd won a breakout acting award from Method Fest). The plot points having to do with computers are well researched and plausible, and the film raises a myriad of interesting questions about corporate and government morals in modern society and the use of technology in political influence peddling.

The result is that it's a excellent small film, heartily endorsed.



Our Grade:

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It is top-notch indie fare.



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It won the best screenplay award at The Hamptons Film Festival


7.1 IMDB summary (of 10)
5.5 IMDb top_1000


No theatrical release.



  • Jill Simon, as the secretary, shows breasts on a surveillance camera as her boss does her doggy style on his desk.
  • Confess caused quite a buzz at The Hamptons two years ago, when it presented Ali Larter naked - allegedly - according to more than one person who saw it at that festival. The film failed to find a distributor, so we waited patiently for two years to see Ali's big scene. Sadly, if there ever was an Ali Larter nude scene, and we are not convinced of that, it did not make it to the DVD.