Close Enough to Touch


by Tuna

Close Enough to Touch is an example of couples erotica, specificallyof the "limited plot, long on nudity" variety. It is about two families who live next to each other in suburbia. Family one consists of single mother Toby Miller and her ripe daughter Tracy Ryan. Family two includes workaholic lawyer Bobby Johnston, his alcoholic cheating wife Monique Parent, their wannabe fashion model, nude model and bad girl Brandy Montegro and their son Jason Schnuit, who is in law school, but really wants to be an artist. Sebastien Guy is Jason's friend, and Riley Jordan is an attorney who has gone to work for Johnston.

What follows are complete spoilers.

Jason Schnuit and Tracy Ryan have been an item, but her mother doesn't approve, and he is tiring of the relationship. Brandy Montegro is screwing her current photographer. Monique Parent puts the moves on Sebastien Guy, and Bobby Johnston does Riley Jordan. In round two, Monique Parent can't get laid, Toby Miller does Bobby Johnston, Tracy Ryan fantasizes about Brandy Montegro and Jason Schnuit does Riley Jordan. In round three, Riley Jordan quits the firm and the screwing around, Bobby Johnston and Monique Parent end up alone together, Jason Schnuit trades his BMW for a Harley and heads off to play easy rider, Sebastien Guy brings out the best in Brandy Montegro and they become an item, and Toby Miller and Tracy Ryan bravely face the future looking for love.

End spoilers.

IMDb voters rate in below three, undoubtedly for the quality of the plot, which never consists of more than a few lines of dialogue followed by a lengthy sex scene. On the other hand, the copious nudity is photographed well and there is simulated sex from five identifiable women in good light, thus easily meeting minimum genre requirements for softcore couples erotica.



Our Grade:

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It's basically just sex scenes with a flimsy pretext to link them together, but there's no skimping or cheating on the softcore nudity.



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Close Enough to Touch DVD Uncut Tracy Ryan Monique Parent (2001)


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2.9 IMDB summary (of 10)


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  • Full frontal and rear nudity from Tracy Ryan, Monique Parent, Riley Jordan, Brandy Montegro, and Toby Miller