Cloistered Nun: Runa's Confession


by Tuna

Shudojo Runa no kokuhaku, is a Nikkatsu Roman Porno, nunsploitation subdivision.

Runa has become a nun only to be ravaged by a perverted priest then seduced by a nun. She just can't catch a break. She entered the convent when her half sister stole her boyfriend. Sis now runs a ballet school, sleeps around a lot, and is surprised when Runa pays a visit. Runa tells her she has the real estate deal of a lifetime for her and her boyfriend, who is into real estate. Sis and the boyfriend both fall for the scam. There is lots of screwing, meanwhile, but it is nothing compared to the final screwing the sister gets.

Director Masaru Konuma didn't normally pull any punches on the sex and violence, and this is no exception. This film is an excellent genre effort in Japanese with English subtitles, and fits within several categories nicely. It is easy to understand, is a great revenge flick, includes lesbian action, horny nuns and a very interesting form of Japanese calligraphy done by painting your genitalia and sitting on a piece of paper. Like many of the Roman Pornos, it is an economical 72 minutes, and is a quick watch.


Our Grade:

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Highly recommended if this type of film is your cup of tea. Or sake.


  • Runa is played by popular singer Runa Takamura from the band Golden Halves, and her half sister by Kumi Taguchi. Both show breasts and buns. An unknown nun also shows breasts and buns, and another unknown shows breasts.


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