The "Click" series (1995) from Tuna

The Ultimate Attraction and Legally Exposed

Finally, I have an overview of the click series. Two of the seven are covered on this page, two others are linked in the list which follows:

  • The first was "THE BODY BEAUTIFUL" now known as "THE ULTIMATE ATTRACTION." (Reviewed below.)

  • The second was "SEXUAL DEPENDENCE DAY" now known as "SEX, LIES & POLITICS."

  • The third was "FOR THE LOVE OF THE CLICK" and has not been released domestically yet.

  • The fourth was "EROTIC CURSE OF CAIRO" now known as "LEGALLY EXPOSED."  (Reviewed below.)

  • The fifth was "BALLS OF THUNDER" know now as "ROD STEELE 0014: YOU ONLY LIVE UNTIL YOU DIE."

  • The sixth was "FOR THE LOVE OF THE CLICK" and has not be released yet.

  • The seventh is "SECRETS REVEALED" and has also not been released yet.

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The Ultimate Attraction

The Ultimate Attraction is the first in the 'Click Series" based on Milo Manera's comic. The magical click device is flushed down an airplane toilet to keep authorities from getting it, and goes through the roof of a health spa which is about to be foreclosed on, and taken over by Nina Leichtling, who wants to convert it into a trendy feminist spa. Employee/instructor Gabriella Hall and her boyfriend discover it, determine what it can do, and find hilarious ways to use it to save the spa.

Leichtling shows breasts and buns at the end of the movie, when the clicker excites everyone in the spa through the electrical system. Several women show everything in an orgy scene in the main workout room at the same time. Bo Zena shows everything as an uppity woman zapped by Hall just to get even with her.

The clicker in this first film had powers that I don't remember seeing used in the later ones. The most impressive was the ability to completely change a persons body. This was used to have no less than 4 naked women play the lead role. First, the lead was Gabriella Hall. Her boyfriend turns her into Taylor St. James for a bout of sex, then later turns her into Simone Votybkovk so she can spy on a suspected traitor, Jacqueline Lovell. The two of them end up in a girl/girl. Kiva and her boyfriend are in with Lovell on a plot to sabotage the spa, and the three do a three-way once they break in and get zapped.

All of the above women show everything. A reader also identified one of the orgy women as porn actress Stephanie Swift.

IMDB readers have this at 2.6 of 10. but only based on 27 votes. That is a little too low for what is a delightful soft core with tons of nudity and a good premise. This is a solid C, and is the sort of softcore that I want to see more of, the kind that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Scoop's note: this one was directed by Rolfe Kanefsky, the same man who did Rod Steele and The Erotic Misadventures of the Invisible Man. He must be the reigning king of softcore entertainment. Some years ago, he also directed the offbeat zero budget horror/comedy, There's Nothing Out There, which prefigured many of the themes in Scream.


Legally Exposed

Legally Exposed (1997) is number four in the click series.

It starts with Dr. Fez in an Egyptian tomb recovering the click device from where it had been hidden. He clicks a mummy (Thao Nguyen), and she attacks the rest of his party. He makes the mistake of using it on a hotel maid, Kira Reed, gets much more than he bargained for, and has the click stolen again. He narrates its travels from a French heiress living in Greece, Sita Thompson, who uses it to spice up her sex life, then on to Russian Countess Gina Garcia, who uses it to seduce other women, in this case Bo Zena.

All of these women show breasts and buns, and Zena also shows bush.

Dr. Fez chases all over the world to find the clicker. He ends up in LA, where it has been purchased by the owner of the biggest, sleaziest law firm in the world. Coincidences pile up on top of each other here, one character changes bodies, an actress from the opening sequence plays a second character, and it becomes a little hard to follow.

Jacqueline Lovell plays a ball-busting junior partner in the law firm. When the evil senior partner has a heart attack after using the click on the two of them, she takes over the firm. Paralegal Leigh Ann Garrett grabs the clicker in the confusion, and uses it to enhance her love life. Once Lovell realizes the power of the click, she sets out to find it. Fez has been put in touch with super agent Kim Dawson, because Hollywood agents know everything. Turns our Dawson represents Garrett's sister, a fashion model, played by the same actress as the mummy queen, Thao Nguyen. Near the end, Garrett's character morphs into Shae Harlow to seek revenge.

All of these women show everything. I could find no reviews on line for this one. This is not the best of the series. It is slow starting, the camera rotates around the subjects too often, the lighting was bad in many scenes, it was badly edited, and several lines were mis-delivered. I am guessing bad director. This is a C-.

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  • IMDB summary. The Ultimate Attraction is rated 2.6 at IMDb. The other film is not listed at IMDb.
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