China Moon (1991) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

This film was originally shot in 1991 and shelved for three years before it was released. That will tell you that the studio wasn't high on its prospects. They were right to be worried.  It did virtually nothing at the box and disappeared into pay cable hell, where it survives based upon some frontal nudity.

It's basically the low-rent Body Heat, a noir with multiple twists and double-crosses, in which the wife needs to figure out some way to free herself of her rich asshole husband.

This time, the patsy is not a really dumb horny lawyer, but rather a really smart horny cop who gets blindsided by people he trusts. 


Madeleine Stowe was topless in a tight upper body shot, and did a distant, dark, full frontal.

Theresa Bean did a full-frontal turn as a murdered woman.

Patricia Healy showed her breasts as the girlfriend of the murdered husband.

This flick has plot twists, sex, hot Florida nights, and the patsy disposing of the husband's body, but it doesn't have any of the great strengths that make Body Heat an excellent movie. There is no clever dialogue, the characters aren't very well-rounded, and the acting skills are restricted solely to the two leads. A young Benicio del Toro was painfully clumsy and stilted in his role as Harris' rookie partner, and the murdered husband had a sillier southern accent than Foghorn Leghorn. 

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And the only really interesting mystery involves wondering to what degree Madeleine Stowe is a victim and to what degree she is the manipulator. Frankly, you won't really care that much, but Stowe was sexy in the role.

China Moon is a workmanlike, serviceable murder mystery with Ed Harris in the lead, but it has no special flair, and is only for genre addicts.

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