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Chantal tells the story of the most naive girl in the world, and how Hollywood eats her alive. She arrives with nothing more than $200 and the certainty that she will be a famous actress. She is rudely awakened when her first choice of hotels wants $1,000 per night. As the story progresses, she is exploited by a sleazy Paramount gate guard, a group of predatory lesbians, a fleabag hotel manager, and finally, a hooker. In one notable scene, she is pissed on, then crawls out to an alley where she tries to eat moldy bread from a garbage can.

Chantal is a remake of another film called Chantal, a B&W film directed by Nick Phillips in the late 60s, when the storyline was already a cliché. The most interesting thing about the project, however, is not this over-the-top plot or Misty Mundae's equally over-the-top performance, but the drama behind the scenes. Misty found that the film hit too close to home. The story made her realize that she was nothing more than a softcore porn actress, whereupon she had a nervous breakdown and quit softcore forever. She is now trying to find work as a legitimate actress, using the name Erin Brown because Seduction Cinema owns the rights to Misty Mundae.

The movie itself it is of dubious entertainment value for general audiences, or even for softcore devotees. This is true fo several reasons: first, it is a highly exaggerated reality; second, it is entirely unpleasant; third, it was shot on 16 mm, and just doesn't look that great.

The DVD package, however, is quite comprehensive. Seduction Cinema gave Misty/Erin a nice send-off with a DVD set that includes commentaries, a "making of" short, and various extras. The second disc includes a completely remastered full-length version of the original 1969 Chantal, with its own commentary track by grindhouse legend Nick Phillips (real name Nick Millard). These features make the DVD set of interest to die-hard "Erin Brown" fans.


Our Grade:

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D for the movie, C- for the DVD treatment.


  • Darian Caine shows everything in good light.

  • Andrea Davies and Misty Mundae offer a fleeting glimpse of their pubic areas.

  • Julie Strain, Julian Wells and an unknown are seen topless.




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Straight to DVD.




6.2 IMDB summary (of 10)
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Chantal (2007) has a commentary by director Tony Marsiglia, and second commentary with Misty Mundae. There is also a "making of" featurette.

The original Chantal (1969) features a commentary by director Nick Philips, as well as an interview with Phillips.

The DVD also has a trailer vault, some shorts, liner notes,  and more.