Busty Stars of the Stags

 (1970s footage, compilation assembled in 2006)

by Tuna

Busty Stars of the Stags, aka Busty Superstars of the 70s, is a collection of 8 mm loops focusing on women with big breasts. For those unfamiliar with the 8 mm loop, it was the most common format for porn in the period before video tape became common. Each loop lasted about ten minutes, had no sound, and depicted one sex scene. You could either feed quarters into a peep booth to watch them (it took several quarters to see a whole one) or, if you were lucky enough to have an 8 mm projector and a local retail outlet, you could purchase them. The retail versions generally came in unlabeled white boxes, so the contents were a pot-luck secret until you doused the lights and ran the projector.

Note that these are hardcore "films" (or more properly, "scenes"), and somehow seem "dirtier" than the VHS and DVD efforts that followed.  Every woman I have ever shown one to complained about the projector noise, which is faithfully reproduced here, as is the authentically uneven video quality. If you have nostalgia for these loops, or affection for these early porn actresses, or even curiosity about the 8 mm loop, this is a reasonable collection.




The busty stars on display are Candy Samples, Annie Sprinkle, Vanessa del Rio, Lisa de Leuw, Sandy Dempsey, Seka, Sue Nero and (most surprisingly) Judi Dench. Nah, just fuckin' witcha. Dench is not in it.


* two disks

* four hours of loops






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Our Grade:

This film really can't be graded because it is one-of a-kind material for a highly specialized audience. If you want to see four hours worth of 8mm porn loops in an authentically simulated context, complete with projector noise and unrestored video quality, this is your ticket.