Bravo (1998) from Tuna

Bravo, Carlos Bravo

He was a Mexican Secret Service agent, fired for sleeping with the president's daughter (Maribel Oporto). He decides to work as a Mariachi. Meanwhile, the president has managed the largest cocaine seizure in Mexican history. When the bad guys decide to crash a party at the presidential residence and hold all of the guests til they get their drugs back, guess which mariachi band is playing the gig?

Maribel shows breasts during the sex scene with Bravo, and two unknowns are seen topless in a pool with the bad guy. Bravo, of course, takes on the entire army of attackers, rescues everyone, and wins the girl. 


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Very little is available on line about this film, and I suspect that the DVD was the first time this was shown anywhere. It is a very respectable action film, sort of like a Van Damme movie, but with a more likable star. 

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  • no widescreen, no features

Scoopy's notes:

I love the idea of an unemployed Mexican secret agent working as a mariachi. I guess all the bullfighting jobs were filled. Does he like his Tequila Martini shaken, or stirred?

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