Bram Stoker's Burial of the Rats (1995) from Tuna

Roger Corman heard that there the famous Soviet-era Mosfilm studio was nearly out of business after the collapse of Communism, so he called them and asked what sets they already had constructed, then wrote some movies around those sets. The idea was to take a handful of American actors to Russia to play the main characters in these films, and to use local talent as the crew, as well as to fill in the rest of the roles (most of the characters don't have any lines at all).

This is one of those films, and is based on a Bram Stoker story.

Stoker and his father are traveling by coach through 19th century France when their coach is stopped by hooded highwaymen, and the driver devoured by rats. When one of the gang goes after Stoker's father, Bram kills the assailant. Next thing you know, Bram has been taken prisoner by the outlaws, who are bikini clad members of the sisterhood of the rats, brave women dedicated to punishing all the men who have ever oppressed women. In fact the sisterhood is dedicated to two main activities in life: siccing their rats on men, and dancing around topless.

Adrienne Barbeau is the queen of the group, and she can control the rats with a flute. Bram was kidnapped by Maria Ford and Olga Kabo, who later vie for his sexual attentions. Although the original plan is for Stoker to die,  Ford later saves his life when she realizes that he was just trying to save his father.

Queen Barbeau finally realizes that a writer like Stoker can spread terror into the hearts of men simply by writing about the sisterhood's great work among the chauvinist swine. To research his book, Bram accompanies the women on raids, and is eventually invited to become a sister himself. 


  • Maria Ford shows breasts in a dark sex scene.
  • Olga Kabo does a full frontal in a mirror dressing for a raid.
  • Inna Khokhlushkina, as a rescued prostitute, does a lengthy full frontal.
  • Several Russian dancers are topless in two or three scenes.

IMDb readers have this at 3.3 of 10. Some people just don't know how to enjoy a bad movie, and this is one that has major bad movie energy. I think my favorite bit was when Barbeau guillotines one of the rats for dancing out of step.  Most of the characters don't have any lines at all. The pre-built sets looked great. As gothic horror, this deserves the 3.3, but as a bad film, it has all the necessary ingredients for great fun.

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Based on this description, this is a C. It is one of those bad movies which are so bad as to be entertaining.

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