Brain Dead (1990) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Branded is a famous series with Chuck Connors and the theme song and the stripping off the epaulets and the breaking the sword over the knee ...

Oh, wait a minute. This is Braindead, not Branded.

Never mind.

This is a Corman-produced movie that is fundamentally an episode fo the Twilight Zone stretched to 90 minutes. Hey, Corman, there was a good reason why those Serling scripts were only 22 minutes long. Overall, this is a pretty good watch, but it sure drags in the middle.

This one is somewhere in the same general line as The Sixth Sense, Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge, Jacob's Ladder, and other movies of that ilk. A puzzle that you can't quite figure out. Is Pullman mad or sane? Is he dead or alive? Is he really a brain specialist, or is he the patient who projects his hopes into a doctor's job. Is he the sweeet invention of a lover's dream, or is he really as wonderful as he seems? What was the leopard seeking at that altitude? Where are the snows of yesteryear? The answer to some of those questions may be explained in the last minute, if you last that long.

You'll love it if you wondered whatever became of cult favorite Bud Cort. He's in this - as a loony with the top of his head cut off.

I rented this because of an IMDb comment about a Patricia Charbonneau nude scene. The nude scene wasn't nude at all, really. A very brief look at a backside and the side of a hip. With the dark funky lighting, she could be wearing thong underwear. There was also one pretty sexy upskirt (but panties underneath).

Here's a more lengthy explanation.

IMDB summary: 6.5 out of 10.

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