Boogeyman 2


by Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

I don't know if this is the worst straight-to-vid slasher film yet, but it's a serious contender. It has a pretty good ending, but that represents nothing unexpected or original, so the film's only real strength consists of exactly one good idea: the murderer does not actually kill many of his victims. They are mental patients who have been institutionalized for phobias, and the murderer uses their own fears to create situations which trick the victims into killing themselves.

Against that one strength, let us review the evidence of the film's many weaknesses:

(1) It starts with the dreaded "ten years earlier" prologue. Any horror film writer who uses this gimmick now, after God knows how many previous uses have exhausted it, should have his status as a writer permanently revoked in a ceremony like the opening of "Branded," where the screenwriter stands in front of his peers while his pencil is broken over the knee of the senior writer in attendance.

(2) It's bad enough that the prologue cliché exists at all but, as it always does, it reveals the identity of the insane murderer before the damned story even begins, even though that identity is the central mystery of the present-day story. Well, let's see ... a young brother and sister watch their parents slaughtered in the prologue. Obviously, they are both traumatized, and one of them must be the insane boogeyman/murderer when the story jumps forward to the present. If this were not true, the incident would have no bearing on the modern story. We can see that the sister is not the murderer. Meanwhile the brother mysteriously disappears to San Francisco, claiming to have a job interview one day after he is released from the booby hatch. Gee ... I wonder who the killer could be ...

(3) After showing us immediately who the killer must be, the script then offers a series of lame red herrings in which various false suspects act as creepy and demented as possible. (Until they are killed of course.)

(4) Here's my favorite plot element. After the murder ten years ago, the brother was institutionalized, while the sister continued to live in the outside world. On the first night that the brother is back, the sister has a really bad dream, and she decides that she needs to receive the same treatment in the same institution - for that matter in the same room - that did such a great job of curing her brother.

Let's review:

  • Ten years on her own, surviving quite nicely.
  • Plus one bad dream when the appearance of her brother causes her to re-experience her childhood trauma.
  • Equals institutionalization in a maximum security mental facility.

When she gets to said institution, she is escorted to her brother's old room, where the painting on the wall shows the two of them, as children, being scared out of their wits. It looks like it was painted by someone who had just read an H.P. Lovecraft story on acid. She finds nothing unusual about it. "Leave it up," she tells the compassionate shrink who thoughtfully left a grotesque, diabolical painting of a childhood trauma on the wall for a person being treated for the psychological repercussions of the very incident portrayed in the painting.

(5) The prime directive of grade-B horror movie characters is always in force. B Horror Prime states that if there is something that represents a danger to individuals and would be better faced by a group working together, the group must split up and each of them must walk down a separate spooky, unlit corridor.

It's the law.

As the thrill-a-minute, pot-smokin' generation of today might say if they were characters in a bad 90s comedy, "Dude, this movie is bogus."



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The IMDb score is bogus. It has been artificially inflated by ballot-stuffing. If you take out the 26 10s, the most common score is "1" and the average score is 4.5, which is exactly what I would have guessed.



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Chrissy Griffith has two topless scenes. Neither really offers a look at her face and her breasts together (could be a double I guess, but who cares?), and neither is pleasant to watch.

  • In the first she looks at herself in the mirror, disgusted by her flab, then throws up. (She's thin as a rail. She's a mental patient, institutionalized for her fear of gaining weight.)
  • In the second, she has sex with another patient. This might be pleasant to watch if it were not intercut with a nasty murder in the next room. Michael Graziadei (his last name means "thank God") shows his butt in the second scene. Here are the film clips.



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