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Body Chemistry (1990) is a bald-faced Fatal Attraction rip-off staring Marc Singer as a researcher hoping to be named lab director, happily married with a young son. 

In comes Lisa Pescia with the promise of a large contract for the lab, a big set of jugs, and a whole lot of kinks, and Marc never has a chance after that. Mistake one, thinking with his Johnson. Mistake two, breaking off the affair rather than eliminating Pescia. I will say Pescia has some clever tricks. My favorite was her taping the two of them in the act then sending a copy to Singer's son. 

This is from the Roger Corman factory, and other than the darkness and graininess, the quality is not especially bad.


There is less exposure than you would expect, but Pescia does show her chest if you have enough Photoshop skills to bring it out of the darkness

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It would not be a good idea to over-analyze this film, but one glaring error demanded my attention. Singer reaches under Pescia's dress, drags her panties down, and off of one shoe, then tosses them across the room. How many women do you know that only wear their panties on one leg?   

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