Blue Ridge Fall (1999) from Tuna

Blue Ridge Fall is a nifty little indie concerning a group of kids from a North Carolina town. When one of their number, a slightly retarded son of a wife-beating, hard-drinking, bible-spouting father, blows daddy away, they decide the father got what he deserved, and their friend shouldn't be put in jail or in a home, so they hide the body. Things go wrong pretty quickly from there, with the kids in conflict with the law, and everyone's life ruined or worse.


Britt Leary, as girlfriend of  one of the boys shows a breast in a sex scene.
The friends are a mixed bag. Peter Facinelli is the High School quarterback with good offers for college ball, and the most level headed of the bunch. His steady girl is sister of a deputy sheriff. Indeed, it is the sort of town where everybody knows everybody. Another in the group dropped out of High School and served 6 months in jail. Another is a member of the football team, and pretty much goes along with the group.

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 The film is nicely photographed, has good pace, and interesting characters, but I am not sure I liked the bittersweet ending. Still, it is worth seeing as a non-comic coming of age buddy movie.

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