Blood Ties (1991 - TV) from Tuna

Blood Ties is not at all what I was expecting from a vampire film.

The first thing to know is that they no longer like being called vampires. They prefer the term Carpathian-American, and live in Long Beach, California, home of the Queen Mary, the Spruce Goose, and the Long Beach Grand Prix. Two of their number moved to Texas to bring up their son more normally. Unfortunately the hunters (SCAV, or Southern Christians Against Vampires), led by uber-creepy Bo Hopkins give the parents the old wooden stake in the heart, dirt in the mouth, and burn the body treatment, but let the son escape hoping he will lead them to the main nest. Of course, he obliges, and the two groups head for the inevitable showdown.

Harley Venton plays is a reporter, and a member of the board of the Carpathian clan. He is also accused by them of being an assimilationist, as he would rather use the law to stop the hunters than to attack and suck their blood. His love interest is a deputy DA.


Kim Johnston Ulrich briefly shows her breast at the end of the film.
The low IMDB rating is a little unfair. They managed to come up with a totally new twist on the vampire theme, which I would have thought impossible, and the film had real energy. It was also symbolic of any minority's struggle against bigotry. I didn't mind watching it at all, although I hope never to have to sit through another normal vampire film.  

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