Blood and Sex Nightmare


by Tuna

Amy (Julia Morizawa) has just returned from her father's funeral in Japan, where she renewed her interest in Japanese spirituality. Her boyfriend is tired of her being a virgin, and suggests that they take a trip to a swingers' resort. She agrees to the trip, but nothing more. By the time they arrive, we have already seen the first of many slashings.

Blood and Sex Nightmare is a low budget slasher film with a useful premise that was somewhat squandered. The premise would have allowed for the mother of all softcore films with regular slashing, but the filmmakers actually showed way too much restraint. That is not to say that there was no kink. Several women do show body parts, including full frontal in many cases, but mostly in subdued light. In one case, a penis is severed, and inserted in the mouth of the girlfriend. Gorehounds will find the content appropriate and adequate to the genre, but I could have done with another 40 minutes of group sex and fetish material to supplement or supplant the gore.


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  • Bare flesh from: Lily St Claire, Nikki Notarile, Tina Krause, and an unknown.


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