Blind Heat (2001) from Tuna

Blind Heat (2000) has several pluses.

  • It is shot in Mexico City, which has some lovely areas.
  • There are several good action sequences.
  • Easily the biggest plus is extensive nudity from star and executive producer Maria Conchita Alonso, including full frontal.

There are a few negatives. The bad guys are one-dimensional, and just way too evil. Also, some characters are playing both sides, probably to help explain some of the stickier plot points.


Alonso shows breasts in a sex scene with her husband, all three Bs bathing in a wash tub, and breasts again in a sex scene with one of her kidnappers. Alonso's facial odometer has logged a lot of miles since Moscow on the Hudson, but her body still looks great.

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  • no widescreen

  • no features

The basic plot:

Alonso and her husband, a computer company owner, come to Mexico for a merger. She is kidnapped by professional kidnappers, and held for $5M. Her hubby hires a negotiator rather than paying. 

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