Black Moon Rising (1986) from Tuna

Black Moon Rising is a very ordinary action/thriller starring Tommy Lee Jones as a thief who works freelance for the government.
Linda Hamilton is a car thief, and is employed by a huge car-stealing corporation. Black Moon is an experimental car that breaks land speed records and runs off of water. Jones is ordered to grab tax records of a suspect company by the feds, hides them in Black Moon, and Hamilton steals Black Moon on behalf of the man from U.N.C.L.E.


Hamilton briefly exposes a breast while having boring sex with Jones.
In the process of getting the tape for the feds, Jones steals Black Moon back, gets beat up and beds Hamilton. There is also a very uneventful high-speed chase.

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If you have not yet seen this one, you are smarter than I am. One reviewer noted that the audience laughed out loud several times during the movie - during scenes not intended to be funny.

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