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Bokeem Woodbine and his partner Justin Pierce play petty hoods. Pierce is also trying to make a name in boxing. When he loses a fight they had bet heavily on, the two find themselves in debt to a nasty crime boss with 24 hours to pay off 24 large. Woodbine visits the strip club where his girlfriend, Sascha Knopf dances, and meets the obviously rich Roger Rees. He hatches a plan to have Knopf seduce Rees, video tape it, and blackmail him for the money. The plan is in motion, but they have some difficulty controlling Rees, and Woodbine heads to the bank in Rees' Mercedes to cash a check. He finds the account has been closed. He leaves, and has a flat. He no sooner opens the trunk than a police car pulls up ... just as he discovers three bodies in the trunk.

And this was the first clue that I was actually watching a comedy. Blackmale starts off as a really bad thriller and is so convincing that IMDb lists it as a thriller!

Up until the trunk scene, it had been slow going, but acts two and three are hilarious. While it has rather extreme violence, blood and gore, and is played way over the top, I found it laugh-out-loud funny through a labyrinth of twists and turns.  It is either a so-bad-its-good movie or a dark crime comedy. Either way, it's a good one, but for a small audience.

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  • Sascha Knopf shows breasts and buns.

  • Kahshanna Evans, as her dance partner at the club, shows breasts.

  • An unknown also shows breasts.


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There are no major reviews on line. Apollo rated it 60/100.



It was filmed in 1997 and finally made it to video three years later without a theatrical release.



4.5 IMDB summary (of 10), but marked down from an actual arithmetic average of 5.5.