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Black Cat Run (1998), a made for TV thriller has everything, including excessive violence, lots of chase scenes, explosions, and Amelia Heinle, who shows her breasts in a very dark sex scene.
 So with all of the ingredients for an American thriller, how did they blow it? Well, they show a prisoner escape from a chain gang during the opening credits, then cut to a small town in Texas where the local garage owner's son wins auto races, dates the sheriff's daughter against his wishes, and pisses off the deputy who wants her. I am sure you can figure out the rest of the plot from here.


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 Part of the problem is that they take way too long to bring the prisoners into contact with the sheriff's daughter, so, by the time they do, I had already figured out the plot and stopped caring. The bad guys were one dimensional, and hence not very interesting. They didn't show nearly enough of Heinle. The love scene was so dark they could have skipped it entirely. 

The film was cut for violence in Germany and the UK. 

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Scoop's note:

Amazingly enough, this made-for-TV actioner was written by Frank Darabont, who has written some damned good screenplays in his life, the best of which was probably The Shawshank Redemption.

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