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Bite Me: Big Bugs with Bad Attitudes is the latest EI Independent Cinema release. I have talked much more in the past about their "Seduction Cinema" soft-core offerings, but they also maintain a "Shock-O-Rama" label which includes an interesting mixture of B movie low budget horror that they produce in-house, and horror classics that they acquire the rights to. This one was written, directed and edited by one of their in-house auteurs. IMDb suggests that this is a horror movie, but you'll be disappointed if you expect either a straight up horror film or a soft core sex film with a horror backdrop. It actually is quite a brilliant little horror comedy. The by-line hints at its appeal -- everyone in the film has an attitude.

The plot line is simple. Some potent pot has been grown as part of a government experiment; it has been stolen; and two stoners are delivering it to a strip club called the GoGoSaurus, which has been built under a 40 foot high dinosaur. Mutant spiders escape, and cause them to crash. The dope is delivered anyway, and the spiders end up loose in the strip club.

I really don't want to give away anything, but this is the sort of humor that had me in hysterics. Stripper Erika Smith will not wear her glasses on stage, not because of vanity, but because she gets too nervous if she can see the crowd. Unfortunately, she is nearly blind without them, and falls right off the stage into a customer's arms. When another man picks a fight with him, he tosses her to the floor with a thud. The female bartender ends up kicking the crap out of both men and a few others.

It is sitting at 3.1 at IMDb, and I can't imagine why. All of the reviews linked give it near perfect marks. This is, by far, the most entertaining release I have seen from EI Independent Cinema, and hopefully there will be more comedies to come. Good writing, reasonable acting, a little nudity, corny spiders, a little stop motion animation and decent photography add up to a really fun film. Even people who hate horror movies will find themselves laughing at this one.



The film stars Misty Mundae, who is the only one to show any bush, but we also have breasts and buns from

  • Julian Wells, who will take over the club if the current owner can't meet his mortgage

  • Caitlan Ross, a barely conscious chain smoker and the least energetic stripper ever to fall asleep on a pole

  • Erika Smith as a near-sighted stripper.

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Based on this description, this is a B-. Amazingly funny for a lowball offering.

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