The Bikini Carwash Company (1992) from Tuna and Brainscan

Tuna says (white):

The Bikini Carwash Company (1992) has to be the best tittie flick ever made based on the only criteria that matters - tit time. There are bare breasts in nearly every minute of this gem. Jack, from the midwest, comes to Southern California to manage his uncle's carwash for the summer. Some beach hotties, led by Kristi Ducati, are in need of funds, and the carwash is less than a thriving business, so they offer to help Jack in return for half the extra profits. The gimmick? Beach hotties in bikinis washing the cars. It doesn't hurt any that the bikinis have a habit of coming off. Add a narrow minded DA, a dumb cop, an attorney friend of Ducati and lots of horny customers, and you have the excuse for a plot.


a titty film - The following women, at least, show breasts and buns: Kristi Ducati, Rikki Brando, Suzanne Brown, Neriah Napaul, Kimberly Bee and Missy Warner. All except Kimberly Bee have made similar films, and Neriah Napaul is a former rabbit person, and lingerie model.

It is so bad, that by the end, someone says "lets take some pictures," and we have 15 minutes of dancing and posing. IMDB readers say 3.5 of 10, but a full 20% of those voting gave it a 10. If you want Citizen Kane or Gone with the Wind, freaking rent them, and not this (that message to all of the low voters at IMDB).

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Brainscan says (yellow):

The mother lode of good-looking women with very little clothing is, in my humble opinion, Bikini Carwash Company. You got your Neriah Davis in the days before she visited a plastic surgeon and appeared in the bunnymag, you got your Sara Suzanne Brown and her recreational body, you got three other babes in states of undress and, most of all, you got the goddess, herself, Kristi Ducati. You know, in Japan serious photographers grab B-movie actresses and porn queens, take them out to exotic locales and shoot an entire magazine or book of the babes all nekkid and everything. I would have done that with Kristi, had I any pretense of photocompetence. Next best thing is this movie. On DVD, no less. So I thought, what could be better? 

Bad news. As Tuna made clear, the DVD transfer sucked. Really sucked.

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Based on this description, this film is a C. If you want a brainless movie with lots of breasts and enough humor to keep you awake, this is a good genre effort.

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