Behind Bedroom Doors (2003) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

Behind Bedroom Doors is a straight-to-vid softcore sex film starring Brooke LaVelle.

If that means something to you, I'm really impressed with your depth of knowledge on this subject, because IMDb doesn't list this film or the star.

The IMDb does recognize some of the other stars. The second female lead is a woman named Nicole Sheridan, and she's been in many, many movies.  In fact, she has made 36 movies in the past three years, but I don't suppose her movie career path has ever intersected that of Tom Hanks. Here are some of her credits:

  1. Deep Throat This (2002) (V)
  2. Beauty & the Bitch (2001) (V)
  3. Fast Times at Deep Crack High 2 (2001) (V)
  4. Hand Job Hunnies 2 (2000) (V)
  5. Stop! My Ass Is On Fire! 5 (2000) (V)
  6. Backseat Driver 13 (2000) (V)

I just noticed that Tom Hanks was in Stop! My Ass Is On Fire! 1-4, but his character died in number four, presumably of severe burns, so Nicole joined the series just a hair too late to have Mr. Hanks set her own personal ass on fire.

Hey, Tommy, heh, heh, just kidding, old man.

I can't really recommend this film to you, even if you are into softcore sex films. It is a weak one by that standard. The plot isn't all that bad, but I'm going to guess that you genre lovers don't rent these for the plot. Here are the reasons why it is not recommended:

1) Not a very crisp, sharp picture.

2) Almost no nudity other than breasts. Only very brief glances at pubes and buns. Julia Kruis is the only one of the four female stars who did a sexy frontal.

3) Passionless sex poorly performed.


  • Brooke LaVelle - breasts, brief looks at bum and pubes.
  • Julia Kruis - brief frontal, no buns
  • Monique Alexander - breasts and most of her bum.
  • Nicole Sheridan - breasts, and brief flashes of a shaved crotch and buns.
I picked up the DVD from Blockbuster as a rental.

4) The women appear naked for an amount of screen time inversely proportionate to their appeal. The unknown star, Brooke Lavelle, who is on screen constantly, is not especially pretty and does not have an especially good body. The second actress is the porn star, Miss Sheridan, she of the perfect store-bought boobs. The other two women, Julia Kruis and relative newcomer Monique Alexander are much sexier, but don't have much screen time.

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Based on this description, this is a D. It's a softcore film, and is substandard by what genre fans should demand.

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