Beauty Betrayed


by Tuna

This is a soft core whodunnit with a staggering 8 women showing skin.

Renee Rea, after having sex with a photographer, is shot to death in the shower by someone she knows. Fan of Renee? Don't worry, she shows back up in a film within the film, again in a fantasy sequence, and one more time as her twin sister.

A detective and his girlfriend, who works for the coroner, are called to investigate. He arrives on the scene to find out that he won't be working solo on this case. He has been assigned a pushy female partner. Since the deceased is a model, and prime suspects include other models, the head of the modeling agency, her twin sister and a horny photographer, and also since our detective is something of a horndog, there is ample opportunity for nudity on the way to the final solution.

Oh, and those who think they have already figured out whodunnit, you are all wrong. It was not the surprise twin sister.

This is a solid genre picture. Most of the cast is likable. The plot is not bad, and avoids most clichés. There are lots of naked women, and some of the sex scenes have heat. The only element that keeps it from being a genre classic is that the editing includes too many cross fades.


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  • We have nudity from Renee Rea, Vicca, Mia Zottoli, Samm Croft, Tracy Ryan, Keri Windsor, Devinn Lane, Mia Zottoli and Anna de Cardi, including a rather nice girl/girl scene with Keri Windsor and Devinn Lane.


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Non-theatrical film.


3.7 IMDB summary (of 10)


This has been released in the US and on cable in both an R and an Unrated version, which invalidates the IMDb score, since there is no way to know which version the voters are rating.


Beauty Betrayed (2000)

The unrated version is only available in the US from on a dual region (1 and 4) English NTSC DVD. For more information, click on the image aboove.