La Bande des quatre (1988) from Tuna

La Bande des quatre, or The Gang of Four was, for me 155 minutes of boredom. It is the story of a group of female drama students all studying under a great teacher. Four of them live together. They keep getting better at acting. A former member of the household is involved with a man sought by the police, and a mysterious man befriends each of the girls in turn, giving them a different name, telling each a different story, and asking each about their friend. 


Laurence Côte showed her breasts. No titillation value - and precious little nudity for a film with so many young actresses in it.  

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The criminal boyfriend and the mysterious man are supposedly there to give real life experience to the drama students, which they can then incorporate into their performances. According to the only review I could find, the film is really an advanced acting class. Unfortunately, subtitles didn't convey much of the information. The film did have some visual appeal, and . I can't recommend this film to anyone who is not fluent in French, and even then, rent it at your own risk. No pace, thin plot, and no peaks of excitement.


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