Bachelor Party Vegas (2006) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

A groom-to-be and four of his best friends go to Vegas to have the bachelor party, which has been planned by the greatest party planner in history. When they get there, they are met by someone who tells them that the legendary party planner has been called away on a family emergency or something, and that someone else will be taking over. This is the beginning of a nightmare unimagined by Hieronymus Bosch. In the course of the evening:

1. They are implicated as casino swindlers, and eventually as accomplices in a five million dollar casino heist which results in the death of an FBI agent.

2. They are mistaken for a gay bachelor party and receive lap dances from a sweaty, obese man.

3. They are waylaid by a limo full of fat chicks who ask to see their dicks, then make fun of them.

4. They are robbed of all their possessions and IDs.

5. They stumble upon a porn star. Unfortunately, her jealous boyfriend shows up, and he just happens to be the Ultimate Fighting Champion.

6. While running away from the ultimate angry tough guy, they find the money from the casino heist. The police soon catch them with the money, which really isn't good for them, because they were already suspects in the robbery.

7. They are jailed, and are assaulted by a gigantic muscular man who wants to make sweet love to them. Well, maybe not so sweet.

8. On their way from the local jail to the federal penitentiary, their vehicle is assaulted, their drivers are shotgunned to death, and they are kidnapped by the Ultimate Fighting Guy, who plans a different gruesome death for each of them.

So, as you can see, it is quite a relaxing, pleasant movie to watch. Just a wacky bachelor romp.

How could a story like that possibly end? Well, if you still really want to see the film, I won't spoil it for you. I have to say that the ending is actually kind of cool. Unfortunately, you will have to endure the unendurable in order to get to that ending.

This is a story that might have been redeemed by some really raunchy sex and nudity, but there is very little, just a few obscure actresses playing the parts of porn stars and, true to character, they all have your basic hyperinflated aftermarket hooters.




Two women provide clear topless scenes. I think the blonde is Tamara Whelan. No idea on the other one.

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  • No major reviews online except They wrote a very negative review, but don't read it if you plan to see the film. They compare it to another film with the same ending, and if you are familiar with the other film, that comparison is a 100% spoiler, because the endings are actually identical.

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Based on this description, this film is a C-.  I actually like juvenile movies, and I like Kal Penn, but this one is just not a very pleasant film to watch, and is not especially funny. My gut told me to rate it D, because it doesn't really have enough laughs or enough nudity to be a good raunch-fest, but I changed it to C- on the basis of a pretty cool ending which I can't talk about.

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