The Babysitter (1995) from Tuna

The Babysitter is about the obsession of two teenagers, and a grown man, with babysitter Alicia Silverstone. She is sitting for a couple bound for a party. Both the man and woman drink too much and weigh too much. Silverstone's boyfriend and a school acquaintance, who happens to be the son of the couple giving the party, try to plot a way to get in her pants. Also, one of the kids she is sitting, about 9 or 10, wants to see her naked. Most of the film involves these 4 males fantasizing about her, mostly in the tub.


Through all of this fantasizing, Silverstone stays covered. We do have some brief breast exposure from Tuesday Knight as a waitress that one of the guys has had sex with.
When the film isn't confusing us with fantasies, it is repulsing us with such delights as a kid puking all over the side of a Porshe, the father passing out in his car, and the mother making a drunken play for her host at the party.

Rumor has it that Silverstone turned the part down several times, until they removed her nude scenes from the script, thus deleting the only possible thing of merit in this project.  

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