Attention Shoppers (2000) from Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy; Greg Wroblewski)

What a strange movie.

A bit player on a prime time soap opera goes to open up a new K-Mart in Houston. On his way to the grand opening he gains some opportunities for introspection and for a re-examination of his life, his marriage, and his career (we find out later that he's already been written out of the show).

When he arrives, the manager of the K-mart sets the actor up in the middle of an aisle with a card table, a felt-tip pen, and some xeroxed pictures.

Nobody cares that he's there, and nobody knows who he is. He ends up sitting at the table, ignored by everyone. He finally places the table right in the middle of the busiest store intersection, but people just ignore him except for those who assume that he's selling something.


Cara Buono is seen in transparent underpants.
Some shoplifters beat him up, and he ends up lying down in the dark in a storeroom.

The final straw comes when the K-Mart manager calls to HQ to report a disaster, and corporate HQ sends over a rival actor, who proves to be a big hit.

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It's a standard 4:3 version with a chapter menu, no other features.

While it isn't really funny, and it has no action at all, it does convey the poor man's chagrin at having to sit in a K-Mart pretending he's not embarrassed, and the pain of having his wife leave him after this kind of a day. You might say that it strikes very close to home on experiences we have all been through ourselves.

It's not a big-time entertainment, but it's quite an honest film, and the end was genuine and touching.

The film was written by and stars Nestor Carbonell. At the end it says "based on a true story"

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