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Attack from Mars (1988) is strictly in the bad movie genre. It is rated 2.8 of 10 at IMDB. Odd people (nerds, fat lady, woman in petticoats, couples, hoods, etc) arrive for a midnight feature at a theater in the 50s. The movie in an episode of Space Patrol, which has some time travelers coming back to the present. Also, there is a Martian monster loose in the theater killing people. Before this is over, everyone appears in both the movie within the movie, and the film itself. They made no effort at all to keep the three plots separate. 


Tamara Sue Hill, as a fantasy girl to one of the nerds, shows buns, after cleavage and bra shots.
 The highlight of the film is the bad dialogue, however, with lines like:
  • "Oh darlin', the one-eyed muff torpedo wants to go to tunaland tonight."
  • "My Dick's harder than Chinese arithmetic."
  • And in response to being told by his girlfriend that she is having her period: "You bleed more than a hemophiliac in a briar patch."
Is it a good movie? Anything but. The key question here is, is it entertaining. As a lover of really bad movies, I have to say yes.  

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