La Ardilla Roja (1993) from Tuna

La ardilla roja, or The Red Squirrel, is a rather strange but engrossing drama.

Jota (Nancho Novo), despondent over his girlfriend leaving, is trying to gain the courage to jump off a bridge. While he is arguing with himself, a girl on a motorcycle (Emma Suárez) crashes through the rail and falls to the beach below. He rushes to help her, and finds that she has lost her memory. He then tells the ambulance drivers, and later, the hospital, that she is his girlfriend. When a hospital shrink who is fascinated by amnesia starts getting nosey, and the hospital staff starts pushing him for her medical card, he takes her out of the hospital, and the two head off camping on her motorcycle -- a trip he says they had been planning -- and end up at the Red Squirrel campgrounds next to a lake.


Emma Suárez shows her breasts jumping out of the water while swimming nude, and we get two different decapitated buns views, one in a shower, and one in a sex scene.
They are soon befriended by neighboring campers, and get to know each other, eventually becoming intimate. We learn slowly that not everything is as it seems, and that they both have ghosts they are escaping from. Some of the film takes place in dream sequences, which hint at the ending.
Emma Suárez at age 37 has 43 credits at IMDB, and is still working regularly, making her an important Spanish actress. She is very easy on the eyes, and has a lot of screen presence. The film is long on "off-beat energy," but is entertaining.  

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  • The film won 5 international festival awards

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