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Another Day in Paradise (1998) is an "old crook teaches young kid the ropes, everyone lives unhappily ever after" film from Larry Clark. 

The film starts off with promise. Vincent Kartheiser gets out of a warm bed with Natasha Gregson Wagner and almost gets beat to death ripping off a junior college vending machine area. His roommate's uncle, James Woods, is called to patch him up. Woods is a seasoned crook and a junkie, and takes Kartheiser under his wing. Melanie Griffith as Wood's girlfriend rounds out the foursome. During the training and planning period for the first big job, everyone is having fun and getting high. Of course, things turn to shit, and stay that way for 2/3 of the film. Woods started off with a very edgy performance, but was allowed to go WAY over the top by Clark. Kartheiser was good throughout, as was Wagner. Griffith was also in the cast.

Wanger shows breasts in a fairly hot sex scene with Kartheiser. The film is mostly dark and grainy, and is very slow moving for a crime/action flick. This is a passable genre film, and not much more. 


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Does anyone else find Natasha Wagner's whiny little voice as irritating as I do? Oh, well, she does seem like her mama reincarnated at times. This movie managed to do nothing with a cast that included James Woods, Melanie Griffith and Wagner. Unlike most of Larry Clark's films, it does have a coherent narrative, but it's really a same old same old, and I can't give you one good reason to see the movie itself unless you like classic R&B, in which case the music is outstanding. 

DVD info from Amazon

  • Widescreen letterbox, 1.78:1

  • two versions: theatrical, and director's cut with commentary

The DVD is a great rent, however. One scene got cut to avoid a nc-17 rating. Wagner goes for the man-slurpee, there is graphic male nudity, and lots of really dirty talk, and a very hot sex scene which includes every ingredient except Wagner nudity. That scene has been restored on the DVD, and there is also a second audio track with director's commentary, which is fascinating. Larry Clark, the director, is no NASA candidate, but he is very candid and outspoken in his down-home no-bullshit Oklahoma way, so his unguarded comments offer real insight into the moviemaking process. While I can't recommend the amateurish and vastly overrated movie, which isn't a hell of a lot better than "I Spit on Your Grave", I recommend the DVD heartily. Listen to the songs, watch a few scenes of James Woods going ballistic, listen to the director's commentary, and satisfy your curiosity about the deleted scene. By the way, the DVD got printed wrong, and the director's cut and commentary are on the opposite side from the indicators. 

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