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Anne Frank (2001) is a made for TV biography of Anne Frank. It starts years before the famous diary and before German occupation of Holland, and shows what her life was like in Amsterdam before the Germans arrived. It also continues where the diary left off, and shows her experiences as a German prisoner. These experiences include a scene where all of the women are stripped and their hair cut off.  The film is based on Melissa Muller's biography of Anne Frank, and lots of research by Kirk Ellis.
For those who don't know, Anne Frank was a 13 year old Jewish girl living with her wealthy family in Amsterdam. When the German's started messing with the Jews in earnest, the family hid in an attic for several years. Anne kept a very poignant diary, which survived and has become the second widest read work of non-fiction (second to the bible), and has spawned a play and several movies. 


Anne keeps her arms over the important parts, but her mother's breasts (Tatjana Blacher) are clearly shown.

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On the whole, this film is excellent, although I think the "work camp" portion, act three, was longer and slower than necessary to make the point. Excellent performances all around.  

It was filmed in Prague, Czech Republic.  

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