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Angel (1984) is a New World Pictures exploitation film about Molly, prep school honor student by day, who becomes Angel, Hollywood Blvd. street hooker by night. Abandoned by both parents, she has supported herself since she was 12, and the people of her "family" are her co-workers, street performers, and her gay landlord.

The plotline: someone is killing hookers. After three of her friends are killed, Angel sets out with a big gun and lot of attitude to exterminate the killer.


Donna Wilkes (Jaws 2, Days of our Lives) as Molly/Angel shows no more than pokies. Both Donna McDaniel (Hollywood Hot Tubs) and Graem McGavin (My Tutor) show breasts as victims, and there is a top-notch girls locker room/shower scene which includes full frontal from a half dozen unknowns.
not yet on region 1 DVD
Despite the film's poor score at IMDB, I enjoyed this film when I first saw it, and still do, mainly due to the character development of the collection of oddballs that comprise Angel's friends.  I enjoy this one enough that I will buy a copy if they ever remaster it to DVD

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